Figge J. Role of Non-Volatile Weak Acids (Albumin, Phosphate and Citrate). In Stewart's Textbook of Acid-Base. Kellum JA and Elbers PWG, editors. Amsterdam: 2009. Chapter 11, pages 217 - 232.

Chapter 11

Figure 11.2

Figure 11.2

Figure 11.2. Graphic results of a computer simulation in which the Figge-Fencl model is used to demonstrate the effect of varying [SID], PCO2, and [Albumin] in plasma-like solutions containing albumin as the sole protein moiety. The simulation in Figure 2 is run using [Albumin] = 44 g / L (4.4 g / dL) (compare with Figure 11.3). The SID ranges from 20 to 50 mEq / L, and results are plotted with three different values of PCO2 (upper dotted curve = 20 mm Hg, middle dashed curve = 40 mm Hg, and lower solid curve = 60 mm Hg).

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